Butts and Guts

Come ready to sweat your butt off and find your inner abs of steel. This class is designed to exhaust your core and lower half in an interval circuit style workout. 


Power Hour

Power Hour is designed to focus on the tempo and technique of weightlifting. In contrast to many of our other classes, this is stationary movements class using weight and rhythm to keep time under tension for your body to break down and build up muscle. Building muscle is essential for weight loss and hypertrophy, so come on in and get your flex on! 


Meta Circuit

Have you been itching to try all the equipment in the studio? This class utilizes everything from sledge hammers to rowers. Come workout as a big group going station to station in an energetic, dynamic environment. We will turn up the beats, have tons of fun, but most importantly, get a wide variety of movement and a great workout!


Swingers Club

No, not that swingers club…but, we do swing kettlebells like they are going out of style. This class is kettlebell based to give you an unmatched endurance and strength workout. Experience the power of swings, snatches, squats and other full body movements to give you one heck of a workout.

hamstring curl.jpg

Get Lifted

This class combines upper body strength movements with lower body plyometric exercises. You can expect a healthy dose of dumbbells, resistance bands, speed ladders, and hurdles to create the perfect balance of strength and hops! Just as the title says you'll feel the pump of a bodybuilder and explosiveness of an athlete. Get ready to get lifted.


Align & Burn

This class uses the fundamentals of a vinyasa yoga class with the addition of weights. Combining weights to traditional yoga postures, plus adding cardio bursts, gives students an opportunity to find alignment and tone muscle. Movements are synched to breath which helps with focus and body awareness. 


Yoga Cross

Calling all yogis! Fitness in the City has teamed up with  The River Power Vinyasa Yoga to bring you the first class of its kind! Spend 30 minutes at FITC working on bodyweight based dynamic movements, building strength and endurance. Then, move over to The River and spend 45 minutes working on your mind, body and spirit with some Power Vinyasa Yoga. The perfect way to workout, while taking time to relax and forget the busy stresses of life!